Addington Medical Centre

46 Station Road, New Barnet, Herts, EN5 1QH

Telephone: 020 8441 4425

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Non-NHS Services

The surgery has a General Medical Services contract to provide NHS care to registered patients which is free at the point of delivery. There may be subsequent costs such as Prescription Charges which are paid to the Pharmacist but there are no charges for NHS treatment at the surgery.

The practice may charge a fee for any additional service requested by patients that is outside the basic range of free NHS treatment.

All fees are charged at the rate recommended by the British Medical Association.

The most common fees and charges are listed below.

Certificate of Physical/Mental Health £23.00
Private Sickness Certificate £25.00
Claim Forms
Fitness to Attend School £45.00
PPP/BUPA & other Health Insurance £45.00
School Fees Insurance Claims £45.00
Childminder Health form £45.00
Disability Parking Bay form £25.00
Driving Licence £40.00
Metropolitan Police Check £25.00
Ofsted Child Minder form £40.00
Passport form/photograph £40.00
Private Prescriptions £25.00
Witness Signature £25.00
Power of Attorney Part B – form only £75.00
Full Medical Examination Report £155.00
Adoption (Local Authority) £75.00
Driving Licence – Elderly £125.00
Driving Licence – PCV/LGV/Taxi £135.00
Driving Licence – Racing £135.00
Driving Licence – HGV/PSV (Local Authority) £135.00
Fostering (Local Authority) £75.00
NHS Employee Pre-employment £65.00
Power of Attorney examination £140.00
Private 10 min Doctors Consultation £75.00
School Attendance £135.00
Sports Medical £135.00
Fitness to Perform (no medical) £47.00
GP Medical Report £112.00
Health Club form £43.00
Short Reports (employers/solicitors) £45.00
Supplementary Report £40.00
Taxicard £45.00
To Whom It May Concern Letter £35.00
Freedom Pass £40.00
Travel Forms
Fitness to Travel £45.00
Holiday cancellation £45.00
International Certificate of Vaccination £25.00
Israel Tour form – no medical exam £45.00
Israel Tour form – with medical exam £85.00


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