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We are now able to send a text reminder before your next appointment is due. Please make sure that we have your current mobile phone number.

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Tests and Results


Blood Tests, X-rays, Scans and ECG's

The doctors have direct access to local NHS laboratories and Radiology services to provide a full range of Blood tests, X-rays, Ultrasound scans, ECG's and MRI scans where clinically required.

The doctor will give you a form for your tests with instructions on how to arrange them.

Unfortunately we are not able to provide a phlebotomy service (blood testing) in the surgery. Patients must arrange these with one of the hospital phlebotomy clinics.


Appointments for blood tests - www.royalfree.nhs.uk/bloodtests
To arrange your blood test appointment please book online or phone one of the following numbers:
    Appointments by phone
Barnet General Hospital Book an appointment online 020 8375 1471 (via Royal Free Hospital)
Book an appointment online 020 8216 4933
Finchley Memorial Hospital Book an appointment online 020 8349 7460
Edgware Community Hospital Book an appointment online 020 8375 1471 (via Royal Free Hospital)
Chase Farm Hospital Book an appointment online 020 8375 1471 (via Royal Free Hospital)

Test Results By Telephone

Most test results can be given over the telephone. Blood results are usually available from the laboratory within 2-3 days. Test results that require a specialist's report such as X-rays, scans, histology, and cervical cytology (smear tests) may take up to 2 weeks.

Please phone the Reception after 11.00 am to obtain your results. If you require further explanations you may have to speak to a doctor or make an appointment.

We are only able to give you your own results. We cannot give you any test results for another person (even family members) because of patient confidentiality unless you have parental responsibility for a child.



Abnormal Results

Whenever we receive an abnormal test result we will contact you by post with instructions on what to do next. It is often necessary to repeat a test if a result is borderline or to monitor any changes. You may be asked to make a non-urgent appointment with a doctor to discuss the results.





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